Anaconda on windows

What is anaconda?

Anaconda is a distribution of standard python plus ~300 frequently used packages. Anaconda is BSD licensed, which gives you permission to use Anaconda commercially and for redistribution. Anaconda comes with a software manager called conda. One of advantages of anaconda distribution of python over the standard distribution, as developer you do not have to think about the version conflicts, thus reduces a good amount of valuable time.

Install anaconda distribution for python.


Python: 3.6, 64-bit version. (See the screenshot below)

Update anaconda

Open anaconda prompt (Start -> Anaconda3 for python > Anaconda prompt) and run the following command

conda update --all -y

conda clean --all -y


Run the following command in anaconda prompt,

python --version

The command should display, something like this - Python 3.6.4 :: Anaconda custom (64-bit)

Launch jupyter

In the anaconda prompt, type the following to launch jupyter

jupyter notebook