Useful Git Commands

Follow the instructions to set up SSH key for Github.

View existing global configurations

$ git config --global --list

Set global configuration for user name and user email address.

$ git config --global "<name of the user>"

$ git config --global "<email address>"

Global Configurations are stored in ~/.gitconfig

Pull remote git repo

$ git clone <https/git url of the repo> <destination directory>

View the remote url

$ git remote -v

View remote references

$ git show-ref

Add all changes to local cache

$ git add .

If you want to undo changes to local repo

$ git reset

View the status

$ git status

Commit changes to the git local repo

$ git commit -m "A brief description of the change"

Push the change to remote location

$ git push origin master

Rebase the branch: put the local changes on top of the remote repo. It is a popular technique to merge the local and remote changes.

$ git stash

$ git pull --rebase

$ git stash pop

$ git add .; git commit -m "update"; git push origin HEAD

Git ignore the eclipse files

Adding git to an existing project and merge the existing components to current project.

$ git init

$ git remote add origin <git url, example:>

$ git fetch

$ git merge origin/master

$ git remote -v

Overwrite local with remote copy

$ git fetch origin master

$ git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD

$ git clean -df